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Quick Fixes for Common AC Problems

Aug 9, 2022AC Repair

Common AC Fixes

Prevent problems with your air conditioning unit with these simple fixes:

Make Sure Your Air Filters are Clean

Clogged air filters can lead to airflow problems that result in a freezing coil. Air filters can be cleaned or replaced, so don’t hesitate to swap your old one out.

You can clean air filters by vacuuming them and using a homemade cleaner of dish soap with water.

Or you could replace the filter every few months for a more thorough cleaning. If you notice that your ac is blowing hot air, it’s probably time to get it replaced.

Look for Any Holes in the Ductwork and Seal Them

Whenever you feel that level of air coming from your registers is insufficient, or you have increased energy costs, consider consulting an HVAC expert for possible repairs.

They can help you find any holes in the ductwork that will be causing blockages and then seal them.

This is a quick fix to get your ac running again without having to spend much money.

You can also do the deed yourself if you’re confident that you can find every hole and seal each one.

Set Up a Programmable Thermostat and Start Using It

Install new thermostats to improve the accuracy of regulation and save energy on older control systems. It’s also possible to control the thermostat using a smartphone or a tablet.

Programmable thermostats that adjust your home’s temperature according to a set schedule will save you money on energy costs. These are also great because they generally don’t require much effort and have safeguards in place against poor weather conditions, like extreme heat or cold.

If you’re not sure how to install them yourself, find a reputable HVAC technician to install them for you.

Keep the Unit Clean of Debris

Condenser and outdoor fans can’t expel heat efficiently when they’re filled with dirt and leaves. This will lead to higher energy bills because if your system isn’t working as efficiently as it used to, it has to work harder and longer.

It’s a good idea to clean the outside of your unit at least twice a year with soap, water, and elbow grease (and for an extra fee, you can have professional cleaners do it). This will help maintain maximum efficiency on all parts of the system by making sure they’re working properly.

When you see that there are some new issues on the ac unit like improper installation, torn ducts, or air filter blocked, then it’s time to call an ac repair person.

Regularly Have your AC system Maintained

Regular maintenance is the most effective way to prevent most air conditioner problems. Before you turn your HVAC system on for the first time each spring, make sure it is cleaned and tuned up by an HVAC professional.

When you call an ac repair person, make sure to give them a complete list of all the issues with your system. This will help them identify any potential issues and provide the best solution for diagnosis and repairs.

If you experience signs or something feels off about your HVAC systems, it’s likely that there is still a problem.

Having maintenance done is a relatively inexpensive investment, and you can avoid calling an emergency service in on the hottest day of the year when your unit stops working.


  • Steve Ireland

    Steve owns Ireland HVAC, which specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning repair and installation, as well as furnace repairs and air filtration systems in the central Indiana area. Steve and his crew have decades of experience in heating and cooling repairs for practically every air conditioning and heating system in use today, allowing them to diagnose and repair residential and commercial systems quickly. Ireland HVAC is also committed to ensuring that every household and business owner receives nothing but excellent service from any AC repair company they select. Ireland Steve