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How To Deal With Your Furnace Going Out During This Winter

Aug 22, 2022Furnace Repair

Smell Gas?

Your immediate concern during a furnace breakdown should be the immediate safety of your family. There is virtually no odor in natural gas. However, an odor additive called mercaptan remains silently concealed as it works to detect gas leaks by smell.

It is paramount that you and your family leave the house ASAP if you smell a sulfuric or “rotten egg” odor inside of your home. If you suspect a leak, you should call the professionals immediately and stay away from the house until help arrives. You should never take any risks with gas leaks.


You may have a straightforward problem with your furnace, even if there’s no gas leak. Does your pilot light work? Is your furnace’s fuse blown? Were the circuit breakers tripped? Have you set your thermostat too low, or is it broken? You’ll likely be able to resolve any of these issues yourself, which means you can get back to working in no time. A specialist will be needed if not, so call for service and proceed to the next step.

Utilize Another Heat Source

You may have to spend hours waiting for a technician to arrive if your furnace breaks down in the middle of the night or on holiday. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, you may wish to use them safely. Additionally, portable heaters can significantly contribute to comfort. Make sure all your windows are closed, the curtains are drawn, and cracks under the doors are insulated with blankets in order to seal in the existing heat.

Warm Up the Pipes

Frosted pipes are something you do not want to happen when your furnace is not working. But if the pipes get cold enough, that is just what will happen. Hopefully, you will get help from technicians before the temperatures get this low, but if not, you can prevent the main water pipe from freezing by placing a portable heater near it.

Get a Pro on the Case

Your furnace will be fixed quickly and affordably if you seek out a qualified HVAC specialist. You may end up paying more if you diagnose the problem on your own unless you have sufficient training or experience. Gas line maintenance or repairs are dangerous and illegal for homeowners without the proper license.

If your furnace is not functioning correctly, an HVAC expert can diagnose it efficiently. In most cases, minor repairs are required. Preventive maintenance is an essential part of ensuring system efficiency—especially during the colder months when heat is essential.


  • Steve Ireland

    Steve owns Ireland HVAC, which specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning repair and installation, as well as furnace repairs and air filtration systems in the central Indiana area. Steve and his crew have decades of experience in heating and cooling repairs for practically every air conditioning and heating system in use today, allowing them to diagnose and repair residential and commercial systems quickly. Ireland HVAC is also committed to ensuring that every household and business owner receives nothing but excellent service from any AC repair company they select. Ireland Steve