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What To Do When The Furnace Isn’t Working

Aug 22, 2022Furnace Repair

Furnace not working – Now what?

Review these options before having to call the HVAC company for a furnace repair.

1. Check the furnace’s thermostat setting

Make sure the furnace thermostat is set to “heat” and not “cool.” If it is set to cool, the furnace will go into a defrost cycle which can cause damage and, in some cases, make your heating system stop working.

Setting thermostats incorrectly could also lead you to get sick due to high bacterial levels on cold surfaces such as door handles that other people’s bare hands have touched.

2. Make sure all doors and windows are closed to keep the house warm

Close all doors and windows to keep the warmth inside. This will help your furnace work more efficiently.

As winter approaches, remember to make sure the home doesn’t have any drafts by checking windows and doors for cracks or gaps that may allow cold air inside during inclement weather.

Look around outside at ground level near exterior walls as well where pipes often enter a house from. Little gaps can make a difference during the cold season.

3. Clean any debris from around the unit, including leaves or dirt that may have accumulated over time

Remove any debris from around the unit that may have accumulated over time. Often, during the warmer seasons, debris like leaves can fall on top of the unit. If you haven’t checked and cleaned the unit in those times, you should check before turning your furnace on. Leaving the furnace dirty for an extended period of time can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Clean exterior vents, both in and out of your home or office building, from dirt & leaves that may have accumulated over time – this will keep airflow consistent during inclement weather (or cold season).

4. Inspect your filter for clogs or damage and replace if necessary

Check your filter for clogs or damage. When you check the filter, you may notice debris that could affect the performance of the furnace. If there are clogs, remove them and clean the filter – or replace it if it’s necessary.

5. Have an HVAC professional inspect your system yearly

Hire a professional to inspect your heating and cooling system yearly. Once a year, have an HVAC professional check your furnace system.

This will keep you from being surprised by any major issues and costly repairs down the road – which can happen when problems are left unattended for too long!

Have the technicians clean the vents both in & out of the home or office building to make sure air flows freely during cold weather.


  • Steve Ireland

    Steve owns Ireland HVAC, which specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning repair and installation, as well as furnace repairs and air filtration systems in the central Indiana area. Steve and his crew have decades of experience in heating and cooling repairs for practically every air conditioning and heating system in use today, allowing them to diagnose and repair residential and commercial systems quickly. Ireland HVAC is also committed to ensuring that every household and business owner receives nothing but excellent service from any AC repair company they select. Ireland Steve