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Benefits of having heat pump serviced

Aug 23, 2022Heat Pump

Advantages of having your heat pump serviced

Does My Unit Need to be Replaced?

The last thing you want is to get stuck in the winter months without heat. The lifespan of your heat pump or air conditioner depends on how well you maintained it throughout its lifetime. If you kept it well-maintained, then expect to replace it in about 10-15 years later on. This is why you should service your heat pump regularly to avoid early and avoidable replacements.

Aside from our HVAC company’s heat pump maintenance services, we also offer replacement services for your heat pump systems replacement services. For heat pump repairs, you can also count on our HVAC system experts team to save your winter day!

Does Your Heat Pump Need Service From an HVAC Contractor?

To keep your heat pump operating at optimal condition, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure it is serviced regularly. This routine will help you save a lot of money to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Proper heat pump service will extend your unit’s life-cycle, which in turn will save you money. Maintaining its efficiency can help you keep the running costs low and your home warm on a cold winter day.

Is It Possible to Clean the Filters, Fans, and Coils on My Own?

Ensure that your heat pump’s filters are always clean. All homeowners can perform this simple maintenance by themselves.

Regular maintenance will help keep your filters and coils clean, improving the heating efficiency of your unit. A dirty coil leads to a higher electricity bill. You should also vacuum or brush off any debris collected around the outside of the vents and remove leaves from vent covers, so they do not block airflow into your home.

Let a professional inspect your unit and make sure that it’s ready for this year – no one wants to be caught off guard by what should be an easy fix!

A heat pump’s maintenance requires proper care, so we encourage our clients to do the same. Maintaining your heat pump to keep it efficient is crucial to its longevity, so please leave it in the able hands of our qualified experts. We can assist you with heat pump repair or maintenance, and our technician team is well-equipped to assist you with other HVAC needs.

For more information on our services, you may reach us at our hotline; you can also visit our website if you have other questions regarding our service.


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    Steve owns Ireland HVAC, which specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning repair and installation, as well as furnace repairs and air filtration systems in the central Indiana area. Steve and his crew have decades of experience in heating and cooling repairs for practically every air conditioning and heating system in use today, allowing them to diagnose and repair residential and commercial systems quickly. Ireland HVAC is also committed to ensuring that every household and business owner receives nothing but excellent service from any AC repair company they select. Ireland Steve